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is the internet dead? October 25, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in internet, linked in, questions, thoughts.

is the internet dead?Now and then I browse through the Answers section on Linked In for a bit of enlightenment or occasionally, when the mood strikes me and the planets are aligned, to write a response. Today I saw this question, “is the internet dead?”

And some 33 (at time of writing) good people have proffered up a number of gems. Some are below. I am tempted to write “not while you can still search for ‘big cock’ and get this in return.” Any advances? Please tell me I should. I need moral support.

I’ve been using it all day and its pulse and respiration seem to be strong.

Yes, I am afraid it was stabbed to death by a :30 TV spot.

Uh, you might want to try plugging in that broad white cable dangling from the back of your computer into that wall outlet…

internet is kicking ass right now. Lets see, I can put up content and millions of people can access and rate my ideas and I don’t have to pay crazy media dollars. Yeah I’ll like that.

No, it’s just a pulled hamstring.

Send me a fax and I’ll get back to you.

UPDATE  26.10.07

I couldn’t resist. Here we go. As Billy Connolly would say, “do these things… they’ll improve your life no end!”

linked in big cock



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