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find your flavour October 22, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blog, brand, digital advertising, drink, email, thoughts, Uncategorized, web 2.0.

baileys art of flavour

Bailey’s are offering you the opportunity to find your flavour and promoting both the new mint (I’ve tried it and it’s ok) and caramel (not tried it but too sickly?) flavours. Site uses flash to serve up a few questions which you drag your cursor to the one you like the most. You then see your personal illustration come alive during the process which uses an eclectic mix of illustration & photography which although it didn’t go live, is incredibly similar to some work we produced for Smirnoff Experience back in the day. Still looks very fresh though. Although the end result seems a bit clunky rather than a nice, contained illustration. The sofa looks particularly at odds.

But then I’m splitting hairs here as they do let you embed the code for your illustration in your blog (tick), send to a friend and invite them (tick, tick) and not too overly salesy (tick) and fits the mood and personality of the brand well (tick). But is there a “mini” of the caramel I could try? I don’t want to spend over £10 if it sucks. Anyway, here’s my “personality” and my illustration. My flavour was mint by the way. Thankfully.

A cool customer to the core, you’re good to have around in a crisis. Although you like a joke as much as the next person, there is a calm and serious side to your nature which you take pride in. With a love of creature comforts, you prefer to socialise at home. When it comes to fashion, it’s a case of no pain no gain. Having said that, you’ve no time for people who don’t take care of their appearance. Some might say you were brash, but you’d call it honesty. Of course, nothing will stop you staying out late boogying with your friends. But you’re a closet techie, revelling in gadgetry if it can be chosen over a more simple life. And as for travel and adventure… who needs it when everyday life is a rollercoaster? Oh yes… and you’re feeling quite nice today.

baileys art profile



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