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return of flogs, this time on fakebook October 12, 2007

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nike supersonic

Professor Emmel over at Ewarwoowar spotted something quite amusing on Facebook the other day. Nike have set up a group for their new Supersonic event (run followed by groovy tunes in secret locale). Not much activity so far and then some comments to gee up the group and spread the word. From people at AKQA. Who are Nike’s agency. And then a happy chap added a deliberately provocative comment. Which then has been wiped. Emmel has the only hard evidence.

Of course it’s tempting to promote your own work and seeding is often a vital part of campaigns but generating buzz and talkability has to adhere to the unwritten rules of the web: authenticity, transparency, dialogue. Why not embrace Peter Addison’s comment and have some fun with it? Removing it somewhat goes against the grain of co-creation of content and openness of web 2.0. Especially on Facebook where brands are not natives. Vaguely reminiscent of mentos/coke fun with brands: mentos embraced it and gained credibility and huge brand awareness from it; coke were caught off guard and suffered as a result. Another timely reminder that brands need to tread a fine line in the social media world between engaging and prospering and interfering and having some shots fired at you.

Here’s the before and after Wall:


akqa 2


akqa 1

How would you have dealt with it?



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