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stuff and things 27.09.07 September 28, 2007

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 dns root server map

Here’s a map of he DNS root servers globally. I didn’t realise that in 2002, an attack disabled 9 of the then 13 root name servers. And then in February 2007, 30,000 zombie PCs, traced to South Korea, battered the servers: affecting six, two badly. If all the servers were to be taken out, things would grind to a halt: after 1 hour, 2% of the web would stop, rising another 2% for each hour leaving nothing in less than two days. These facts are from an article in Esquire October 2007. Some more factoids from the article:

There are more than 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK with the average Londoner being captured on film 300 times a day

Today, an American child is 6 times more likley to play on a computer console than ride a bike

An ICM poll in June 2007 reported that half of 25-34 year olds claimed they would not be able to carry on without email

Over half of Korean 15-25 year olds believe themselves to be addicted to the internet

More people visit Korean-made online virtual worlds than visit Korea itself

Can Gmail become your social brain? Interesting comments against the Google big brother and the desire fort a “social journal” to be created. Not being too much of a geek some of the hints on the more powerful features of Gmail are pretty useful.

marc jacobs

And now for something completely different: Marc Jacobs has a VIP Club. Nice smells, but perhaps they could say what I might get for the trouble of requesting a membership thingy from a stockist when I buy a fragrance?



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