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stuff and things 19.09.07 September 19, 2007

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employees must wash hands

A third of American men don’t wash their hands & 12% of women don’t either. Ewww. That’s disgusting. And that’s how germs are spread. Just ask the NHS! Quote from the Guardian:

Guys need to step up to the sink

It’s not that hard is it? I found the image on Flickr and the photographer’s commentary questions how stupid people are to need instructions. Clearly very if the numbers above are true. Worryingly, the numbers have gone up since last year. Remember that next time you shake hands with someone: one in three chaps is likely to have touched their bits without washing. I feel ill. Another argument for email, conference/video calls and virtual environments Vs physical meetings? Reduce costs and reduce germs.

An art invasion across Cumbria with a Google map mash up

Get matching collar and cuffs (source: popbitch)

And Dan Aykroyd is an avid UFO spotter. As well as creating the best movie ever. I should clarify that I mean the Blues Brothers, not Coneheads.

Jake: How often does the train go past?

Elwood: So often you won’t even notice.



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