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digital evolution and daemons September 16, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blog, books, film, futurology, social networks, though leadership, thoughts, Uncategorized, web 2.0, web 3.0, website.


MSN take a look at how the web is evolving including personal daemons.

Which is a new term to me as a quick Google suggests it came from a Phillip Pullman novel. But they exist in other forms including the one in the article.


Having taken the test on the Golden Compass movie link above, it appears my Daemon is Olyandra: a moth. As I am “spontaneous, relaxed, modest, solitary and dependable.” She is female as human and Daemon pairs should be different genders. Perhaps I should read more on what it might do?

In any case, hope they come up with another name in web world. Maybe “Dobby’s” in relation to the long suffering house elf in Harry Potter?




1. a person - February 27, 2008

The site http://www.daemonpage.com/ talks about dæmons in our world. Perhaps this might interest you.

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