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stuff and things 01.09.07 September 1, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, books, brand, content, thoughts, you tube.


Sublime is an ethical lifestyle magazine. But it’s not tree-hugging shite, actually some intelligent and refreshing editorial. Or at least the copy I skimmed through recently.

Some quite strange tips in Francesca Beauman’s book for the ladies including this on orgy etiquette would you believe:

“You mustn’t hog the best-looking person,” she explains in penetrating tones. “And you have to make sure everyone feels included. If you don’t fancy someone who approaches you, what you say is, ‘We’re OK, thanks.’

Full article here in the Times. And interesting that the UK title is “The Womans Book” with the subtitle “Everything but the kitchen sink” and the American version the other way round. And different graphics – I prefer the UK version (the one on top). Anyway, very odd, anyone know why?

uk bookus book

Here’s some filth: xtube is an adult You Tube. Some filthy undies here too. Don’t blame me. I just thought you might like to know. I found these in Sunday Times Style magazine for the former and NMA (which was an oddity) for the latter.


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