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stuff and things 08.08.07 August 8, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, brand, content, digital advertising, mash up, thoughts, user generated content, web 2.0.

flood 2.0

Only a few things today as I’ve been on a couple days hols (more on this when I get chance) and am now officially pitch bitch for the rest of this week.

Flood 2.0. With the UK drowning through unseasonably high water fall of late, here’s a mash up of Google maps with news reports and video footage to stay afloat. This is a couple of weeks late in sharing but hey.

And for all those big brother fans who can’t get enough, enter subtitle superstar from the house sponsors, Virgin media by creating amusing captions from their break bumper sponsorship. I suspect this will be highly moderated which is a shame because that could actually make this years show somewhat more interesting. (source: popbitch)


Remember Subbuteo? Get flicking and beat your mates in a penalty shoot out. (image source)

And this is too addictive. Note to Mrs. Gill, you know why I’m late this week now you’ve sent me this to distract me. And she also sent me this: save energy using a search engine with a black screen not a white screen with Blackle.



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