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lumpy post August 2, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, brand, content, direct mail, social networks, thoughts, travel, user generated content, website.

 lumpy post2

Lumpy is a term that has stuck with me ever since everyone’s favourite bearded Canadian, PJ Darling (real name) entered our lives many years back and did a Show & Tell about a 3D boxed DM piece for BTCellnet (now 02).

And where I’m from, we call these packs ‘a lumpy’

And it’s stuck ever since. So I have a whole load of lumpies from the previous weeks, some mailed, some picked up. Here’s my thoughts:


privium lumpy

Regular readers will know that I am a big advocate of the Privium service and of their shiny, silver outers. That certainly stands out from the  doormat crowd. Inside this time was a refreshed magazine that looked a bit more “now” as opposed to some business class magazine. Short enough to read through in one coffee break and enough interest to keep you going to the end. Only one thing to note from the mag, a new service at Schiphol called check me in. Which does what it says on the tin and checks you in online in one place for all Privium’s major airline partners. Of which my main carrier from Southampton, FlyBE isn’t of course. Why not just go to each carrier individually? Well, flying in business doesn’t tend to stick to a routine and locations, flight times and cost play a part so you tend to find yourself chopping and changing regularly. And 1 site = 1 log in = easy.

Also in the lumpy was a CD. In a big package. I still haven’t listened to it. I glanced and the artists seemed random to me. I’m not sure what value the CD has considering most business flyers undoubtedly have an iPod. Perhaps a zip drive with the files loaded would have been more useful? And another way to spread the Privuim brand?

There was also a very useful item though. A zip lock clear plastic bag for the 100ml liquid stuff you now have to take on board. Great brand experience as this is now kept with my washbag and stops me having to look like a pikey when I resort to a Tesco sandwich bag. Especially when my local airport is selling them (yes, really) for 20p a pop. Bloody cheek.


pedigree lumpy

Dogs looking happy, dogs running, dogs in streams, dogs generally looking fit and healthy and enjoying life. And the new product, Pedigree Joint Care Plus, can make your dog just like the dogs in the pictures. And here’s some samples and then money off to go forth to the supermarket and buy more. I like it a lot. One major problem though: we don’t have a dog. We did sign up for some doggy things for my parents American Cocker Spaniel (so cute) when we signed our cat up for some freebies but that was over 5 years ago. Unfortunately poor Jake has passed away. We also moved house. Ang got married. And then this pack arrives about 5 years after the last one with our new address but my wife’s maiden name. Tres strange and some pretty rubbish CRM strategy. Anyway, anyone want some? Drop me a line and the chews are yours.

Pret a manger

You think sandwiches, right? And maybe a coffee… or a croissant. They also do tea apparently. And gave away some samples of their peppermint variety. It was fine. But not sure I’d traipse all the way up Camden High Street for a cup of peppermint tea.

Don’t panic!

dont panic lumpy

Used to get this all the time when we were immersed in yoof culture for a former client. Found it in a trendy trainer shop in Camden, I almost bought some but decided to “look around” elsewhere. Must be age turning me from a once impulsive shopper to an old fart. Anyway, loads and loads of stuff and things in it such as:

Pink business card saying “curious aren’t you?” and a URL for 16days.co.uk which goes to a very ordinary site indeed. I was curious. But. Now. Let. Down.

Lovely bookmark form the national portrait gallery

Strawberry/lime & vanilla/mint sample from trident gum

Fold-out poster for antiworld

Flyer for climate camp about some hopefully peaceful action at Heathrow airport in August. I hope they have sense to do this away from the main terminals after recent events though. Attention grabbing headline, “You are not fucked” which doesn’t seem to have an obvious link.

Spitz venue/gallery/bar/bistro promo stuff

Another fold out poster this time for Bloom Festival in Gloucestershire where Soul II Soul will be reviving. Again.

Drugs make you do stupid things such as playing musical statues for beefburgers. Huh? Don’t do drugs and drive. Printed on 75% recycled paper. Why not 100%?

See some new music at the white house (no, not that one). They have a second insert about a theme in June call Origami which is “a neon playground for lovers of the electric disco.” Apparently.

Love London

More music stuff at the social

Stickers from Kickers. I missed that first time round as well.

Large poster about Tigers, Tigerrific to share art and pictures about Tigers and help save them from extinction.

Win a grand with a good idea with MTV Flux

New dance things at Royal Opera House which seems an odd fit but then it is an eclectic mix

Together club at Turnmills

And a v large poster for Don’t Panic Online which is where the cool kidz hang. Some nice spoof charts and testimonials about how Don’t Panic has improved peoples’ lives including this one allegedly from Katie Holmes which has some under-currents of other alleged real-life recommendations(allegedly):

Someone very special (I think all you people know who I mean) recommended Don’t Panic Technology and I’ve never looked back.

All of which brings me to this. While I like the graphics and will probably try the gum (it’s not for me, I’ll stick to Wrigley’s) and look at the Tiger art, I confess that the rest of it just ain’t my bag, baby and proves that the 18-35 demographic broad brush stroke is horribly innacurate. By rights I should be lapping this stuff up and preparing to get loaded, muddy and dance the night away. But I like a nice glass of wine, a good book, peace and quiet, sitting in my garden, tending to it even. I am turning into my father. I shall stick to Oliver Sweeney rather than trendy Camden trainer shops in future and continue to avoid procuring FHM for fear of embarrasment on the train looking at ladies bits in public.



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