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stuff and things 27.07.07 July 27, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, brand, content, digital advertising, mobile, thoughts, travel, viral, web 2.0, website, you tube.

 poster 3

Nokia have a new site out for the N95 about how jealous computers are of their product. Some Google mash up things.

Win a Chloe bag everyday with a new Sure for Women site by Craik Jones (Thanks to Silvan for sending that)

Dry Spell Institute by Wrigleys

A rugby bet

London’s best small hotel

Revitalise local communities with the wedge card (source: Toni & Guy spring/summer magazine)

And this is for those not easily offended:

Tongue in cheek viral for Rubber 55 (thanks to Emmel who still claims it not him as the star):

And with Lady K, you can now be kidnapped and thrashed about by some ladies for 24 hours (source: Toni & Guy spring/summer magazine)


1. cellbaba.com - July 31, 2007

Very Itresting..Good cover up of all mobile techical matters..Keep it


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