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something for nothing without having to fill in a form July 27, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, brand, digital advertising, direct mail, drink, thoughts.

caffe latte

Earlier this week the good folk of the Metro (free rag [newspaper to my non-English readers]) in London were handing out free sample sof a new product (I assume), Emmi Caffe Latte at Euston station. As it was free and pre-chilled, I picked one up. It tasted fine but nothing special.

But then I thought, I can’t remember the last time I got something for free without having to load in my name, address, DOB, email, re-enter email, short survey etc. And then re-click on an emailed link to authenticate that I am really me and that I do really want it. Or scrawl my details on a small coupon and send it off. While the digital age is  blossoming, I still find it a pain to fill in the seemingly endless registration processes for anything these days. I know DOB is usually a security thing but how many send me a birthday e-card? Er, none as far as I remember. Value exchange?

So while the drink wasn’t that refreshing, I appreciated the transaction approach. As an aside, the milk for the drink is sourced from the Swiss Alps. Evocative I’m sure but drinking milk that’s been shipped all the way over the Alps makes me think of how fresh it really is? Still, you can win a weekend in Zurich with them.



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