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agent status | active July 23, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, social networks, thoughts, user generated content, viral, web 2.0, word of mouth.

envelope lucozade

After signing up and what seemed like endless survey filling in, I got asked to join a Bzzz campaign for Lucozade Sport with Caffeine. I filled in (yet another) survey to qualify and will shortly receive a 12-pack in the post (the postman will be delighted) and further instructions. I hope the instructions self-destruct. I will be disappointed if they don’t. So, stand by for news and updates about my first agent campaign. I may be roping some of you in to see if caffeine in a sports drink makes you have palpitations or whether it works.


1. Laura - June 5, 2009

so what happened? Are you still a Bzzz Agent?

2. nicholas gill - June 10, 2009

@ Laura

Yes indeed I am.
I did a Fruitabu agent thing last year

and then all when quiet from my friends at bzz Agent. They recently got in touch & I’ve signed up for a choclate opportunity. Want me to share with you when the good arrive?

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