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a little bit of fact and lots of fiction July 4, 2007

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Someone once said that everyone has a novel inside them.

While the great and the good are producing what I hope will be a fantastic collaboration of views on the age of conversation, I figured I should do something a bit more subversive. A few years back Ryan and I wrote a book. Truly. It was a clash of humour and wreckage. Sadly the only copy that was painstakingly put together on a binding machine (was there ever a machine that could reduce a young account exec to tears on such a regular basis?) And then promptly lost by Debbie on honeymoon. It was our unusual but original wedding gift.

So the time has come to do it again. But this time use the collective wisdom of user generated content to build the story. There are only two rules that I will carry over from our earlier story:

1. The central character is called jas sidhu

2. And he works in an ad agency.

That’s it. I’ve started it off with a little bit of fact and lots of fiction. The second element is an actual story that Ryan sent me in c. 2005 of a lunatic level conversation at a train station.

Be funny, lewd, serious, poignant, arty or whatever. use words, illustration, photography or whatever. Agency/marketing life throws up some shockers. Embellish it, change the names to protect the innocent, get writing.

Make it your own and at the end, I’ll try and link it all together and distribute it. I would like to sell it on lulu and put all profits to the bhf.

Or something.

The work in progress is here.

Add your copy to the doc or send me your blu(u)rb we’ll see what happens.

Let loose your dark side. And remember kids, it’s just a bit of fun, don’t be offended or alarmed.

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