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stuff and things 03.07.07 July 3, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blog, brand, stats, thoughts.


Tache’s are great. And these are just fearsome. The European gallery comes highly recommended.

And here’s some tache’s from a strange tequila thing a long time ago.

big gey nobbermickgaymorogaytugler

What would we do without chocolate? And here’s a choc-a-holic blog. My 4 year old niece is already addicted. She says,

You must have chocolate. Every day. And lots of it.

Products for a better world

Bizarre things that I don’t get at Momiji

Another buzzy thing

Facts about numbers

Some iPod accessories

Howay & ay up. Microsoft are adding local dialects to spell checkers. Fook me. Oot on the tap.


I spent ages in Monsoon while my wife tried to get a top and some shoes she liked in a different size. In the information age you’d think they’d have all their stock on some whizzy computer system. Not a bit. They had to call their own stock rooms, who didn’t answer, and then the other stores in the vicinity. Time/ Effort? Not to mention the extra petrol, car park fees etc. Still, at least the in store POS of Liz Hurley falling out of dresses made the whole experience better.

Mind you, why don’t women’s fashion stores have seats for the guys?? Better still, a brand experience opportunity to showcase new kit so we can play while they spend the seemingly never ending hours trying and re-trying on clothes?


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