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stuff and things 02.07.07 July 2, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in drink, social networks, stats, travel, website.


While the pound kicks the dollar’s ass, we need to profit. Buy stuff cheaper in the States and ship it back here. Sounds easy but most sites like you to have a US address. Damn them! So try My US or USA Box.

Talking of America, I like these: Guggenheim | moma | New Yorker

Let’s just make this whole post about the US of A.

Daily Candy tell us that Philadelphia residents are hot for this drink:


Honey Wheat Mimosa

1 bottle honey wheat beer
Orange juice
Drop of grenadine
Orange twist

1. Fill a champagne flute ¾ full of beer.

2. Fill the remaining ¼ of the glass with orange juice.

3. Add grenadine.

4. Garnish with orange twist.

5. Drink (preferably before noon).

And Connecticut nudists at Solair want to attract younger members as “they are more appealling.” Especially true when you see the chap with the guitar and his groupies on the home page.

Keep your hands warm & beer cold. From Scott Monty on Twitter.

brew city

Loud and proud, Americans are using word of mouth more and more according to eMarketer.


Advergirl shows us the gentle approach to religious acquisition in Ohio.


And Emmel captured this on a recent tour and it’s proudly displayed on This Exists. Frightening.


And as they say, enough already.

Image on top from Flickr


1. matt newell - October 15, 2007

Another option, to the mail forwarding services you listed is http://www.bongous.com.

PS the sign “hell exists” is between cincinnati and columbus.. just north of wilmington OH. I wish I knew how google maps worked. Funny to see it.

2. nicholas gill - October 15, 2007

Thanks for the link – will check it out.
You make a great point! I’m going to bone up on my Google Earth & the MSN live thing skills!

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