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stuff and things 29.06.07 June 29, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, blog, books, brand, facebook, film, Uncategorized, user generated content, web 2.0, website.

sean feet

Quite a random collection today…

Lots of bookish things about on the web and room for two more. Good reads lets you keep a track of what you’ve read and recommend etc. Read it, Swap It is a swap shop for books. After all, how many do you read twice?

A gift for the lady driver in your life

Get arty with canvas print and you are art

blade runner

A blog totally dedicated to Philip K Dick. I like the films, perhaps i should get round to reading the books.

A blog for gaijins who have lived in Japan for too long

A site dedicated to online boutique shopping

Sky doing some charity, environment & learning stuff

Play some fun stuff. It is a Friday after all! Fly guy, line rider, double wires

keyes cock

Facebook gave me the opportunity to find some old pics for the TMW Alumni group. Sorry, Iestyn.

An early example of user generated content using mobile phone cameras – The Tugler Show.

The feet belong to Sean Dewhurst, he has some nice cars to hire.



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