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we’re all europeans now… yeah, right June 25, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, digital advertising, pan european, presentations.

I’m in Holland again today after an oh my god early flight into Schiphol. I perused a couple of the free rags that were scattered on the train from Schiphol to Den Haag (sitting upstairs of course – why can’t I do this at home???) and discovered that there had been a concert/festival of sorts on the bit of green that I walk past on the way to my client. I saw the pictures of the bands and had not a clue who they were. One looked vaguely reminiscent of Kim Wilde but surely not?

Anyway, reminded me of a deck that I cobbled together from various sources for a last minute hospital pass I was given last September to chair an Ad Tech (only the leading interactive conference type thing there is so no last minute shit yourself pressure there!) seminar on Pan European advertising. My task was to set it up, then my colleague Stephan would harp on about some work we’ve done for GM and then a lovely lady from Wheel and her client from EasyJet chatted surprisingly candidly about EasyJet’s forays into pan European advertising including their somewhat school boy errors of translating good performing English keywords into French and hoping for the best and being somwehat chastened when the results were, to be blunt, shit. Local knowledge works best here, clearly. And then I would lob a few questions to the panel and then open up to the forum in a not so hairy and skinny Russell Brand type way. And with less swearing.

Anyway, here’s what I set the show up with. No, nobody knew who the people at the end were either which kind of proves the point that we may be in Europe, but we’re not Europeans yet. Let me know what you think.



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