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stuff and things 19.06.07 June 19, 2007

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bank logoeagleabn

Logo a-go-go! After the fiasco of that logo, comes more news that the banking institution known as Barclays is highly likely to change their logo for fear of offending the Dutch if the proposed merger with ABN Amro takes place. While the logo causes less visual intolerance than the 2012 thing, it does strike a cunning resemblance to a Nazi emblem when you place the two together, something which doesn’t go down well in Holland after being an occupied country for much of the War. One can totally understand their feelings but I don’t imagine Barclays set out to create a “Teutonic looking eagle”. Mind you, I don’t think a logo change will matter too much as my quick pop quiz suggests that the name has a lot more resonance with the people on the street. I wonder if Wolff Ollins will be on the pitch list to re-colour the ABN Amro hearldic badge thing?

Fed up of your dull corporate pics, try a touch of glamour to make you look like a celeb or a princess or just less minging. (source: the times T2)

I’ll admit to buying Wired magazine from time to time as I find buying reading the likes of FHM, GQ etc. makes me a look a bit pervy on the train home what with all the naked girls. I know I shouldn’t care, maybe it’s the English thing? So I sometimes have sanctuary in Wired, Mac mags and of course, books. Anyway, Wired has some nice blogs that throw up some cool stuff. I like this one.

From breakfast to dinner with music? Fall in love with driving again and go on a photo journey using the Astra‘s new panoramic windscreen & a mash up with Flickr. This is new from the Digitas London house (the artists formerly known as Modem Media). Be interested to know your thoughts.

You never know but I may just have received a comment from a future rock god. Tim Rooke from the Bribes obviously takes a keen interest in the spread of their fakebook antics which is to be applauded. Tim says:

Legend… Although, the quotes do make me sound like a knob.. I actually had a intelligent argument, but that’s not shown… )

Usage of the word knob has just endeared me to him and I forgive his anti web authenticity stance. And with hindsight I guess the band did achieve their aim of getting their name known. I might even try listening to a few tracks to see if their real day job lives up to hype. Oh how fickle I can be.



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