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cloud like substance June 12, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in thoughts, web 2.0.


I read something some time back that essentially proposed that our digital lives are like clouds. And our ‘digital me’ acts just like clouds; some overlap into each other, some are fully formed shapes, some just wisps, some contain thunder and lightening and some contain beautiful things like snow. It’s possible that some days the skies are full of clouds and others it’s a clear blue sky with nothing going on.

I wish I could draw but I tried and it looked like a child’s drawing. Or clip art gone wrong. I could design an Olympics logo yet then.

A nice analogy that I may pursue further at some stage. I wish I could find the original.

Image taken on hols last year from our villa on a hillside overlooking the Amalfi Coast.



1. shimlavala - June 12, 2007

i have never really heard of such a thing .it really is intruiging and a captivating thought. where is reading materail availiable?

2. nicholas gill - June 12, 2007

thanks, i think it’s a unique perspective but I’m convinced I read it somewhwre so can’t take credit. I keep trying to find it in all the stuff I have. I will update the post if I do

3. whitishrabbit - June 13, 2007

Awesome post.

One of my favorite blogs (sweasel.com) just wrote a thing about people becoming part of online hierarchies and tribes- which is very natural and human, but what’s weird about the information age is people are beginning to relate more to their online tribes than their physical.

For instance, chances are you know someone online better than you know your closest, physical neighbor.

Weird, huh?

4. nicholas gill - June 14, 2007

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right I have better relationships with people in Belgium and Boston than I do with the people I live next door too! A very different social shift to our parent’s generation. Mind you, the ones to the left of us have a wind chime that clattetrs all fackin night so I don’t speak to them on purpose.

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