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spam the monkey races with coulthard June 11, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, integration, spam the monkey, thoughts, user generated content, website.


Faces For Charity is the Red Bull Racing team’s charity. But more important than that, for £10 you can get your mug on the side of their cars for the British Grand Prix!

So Spam the Monkey gets to fly round Silverstone at nearly 200mph. Woo hoo! (and feel good as he’s done something good for charidee.) He wanted to be placed on the Scotsman’s stout jaw, but settled for a space on the right hand side of his motor.  You can see more here. I will try & think of something witty to put in there eventually. A pretty simple user experience of pointing & clicking at the car to get your spot. Unlike Honda’s earth dream thing that seemed to take for ever to explain to you what it was all about and how you could join in. So I didn’t. But we do wash at 30 degrees now. A happy blend of doing good, web 2.0 type stuff, fun and fast cars. I saw the ad in today’s Times (below).

times ad



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