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fakebook – it’s only rock ‘n’ roll June 8, 2007

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Unsigned band, The Bribes, have just mildly annoyed about 4,000 Facebook members. Trading on the tirade of abuse that 2012 logo is getting, the band set up a fake facebook group. And then in a dastardly turn akin to the butler in Scooby Doo removing his mask, revealed that it was a ploy for the band all along.

Undoubtedly they will get publicity (good and bad) and possibly even a record deal from their jolly jape but surely the point that has been made before on these and many other more highly read and respected blogs and media outposts is be authentic, honest and don’t fake it. Perhaps unsigned bands are exempt? What happened to sex, drugs and rock n roll? Here’s the “couldn’t give a shit” post by the band:

The whole point of this was to see which sad fuck would actually get edgy about it, and by your reactions, its seems that you are sad and lonely enough to care what people do on a pathetic facebook group…

Just leave and go onto another if your really that bothered.. I couldn’t care less… The fact of the matter is that you’ve heard of my band now, so thats my job done..

And I’m sorry but all this “you’ve pissed off 4000 people” bollocks!! The majority of people will really not give a shit, and the fact is, I’ve actually had lots of people email and say they loved what I did and are coming to one of our gigs… Again jobs done!

I all hope you keep posting your wasted messages of hate, because the more you do it, the more I enjoy reading them. Because the pathetic thing is (Matty) is that if it’s so pathetic, why have you started your own little ‘I hate the bribes group’.. Smooth mate – very smooth..

Boo fucking hoo, my facebook group is ruined.. Grow up will ya..

Source: brand republic, image found on Google images



1. Tim Rooke - June 15, 2007


Although, the quotes do make me sound like a knob.. I actually had a intelligent argument, but that’s not shown… 🙂

2. nicholas gill - June 19, 2007

Public usage of the word knob has just endeared your band to me. I might even try listening to a few tracks on your my space site to see if I like your tunes. Oh how fickle I can be.

3. cigarettes - September 29, 2007

Very nice this blog =)

4. marlboro - October 2, 2007

Very nice this blog =)

5. nicholas gill - October 12, 2007

@marlboro & @cigarettes
Thanks for your kind comments.

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