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greatest hits – pass it on June 6, 2007

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I feel a bit like Girls Aloud being asked to do this by Philippe as I’ve only been going since March this year and therefore a few single releases being cobbled together to make a greatest hits album. Anyway, I’ll mix my album with a bit of what’s popular in the charts [people have read most, commented on etc.] and a few of what I like. After all, it’s my album dammit.

Track 1definition of a twitter | highest ranking post which is a link to an iMedia article explaining what the hell twitter is and what you can do with it including links to some funky twitter apps. I guess it’s popular because twitter is still an unknown quantity to most people. This is my manufactured single though which someone else wrote & I just sing the lyrics.

Track 2privium | cool branding 2007 | my EuroPop experiment from my many hours in Schiphol. I love the fact that I get to a) jump the queues in Schiphol airport and b) carry my eyeballs in my pocket! That was the chorus line that won it a place in the album and the second verse about the Yam Yam noodle bar.

Track 3ziggy drank coffee | my homage to the great David Bowie through art on a mug. It’s also for charidee mate. I also get an Austin Powers/Dr Evil line in the song too. This also had high sales in the referral charts through the manufacturers, Churchill China, who have me on their press page. I wonder what they think if they get through to other pages?

Track 4we don’t talk anymore | this is my cover version of the genius level bring the love back campaign. Let’s hug!

Track 5admit it, we all steal great decks | a controversial as well as successful record release this as it brought me two decent reviews from Scott Gavin & Greg Verdino (who’s greatest hits are here) but also a copycat in Buenes Aires. My follow up, it’s not just decks we steal I just discovered didn’t go down so well in the charts but at least got me an actual credit, even if it was in wingdings/webdings for about a month which I can’t read and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Nice artwork too on this.

Track 6“you’re a big daft cock” and other subtle replies | simply because it has the word “cock” in it. And quite regulalrly features on my top posts widget-thing. And a lot of people search for Martin Durkin’s cock. I also love the artwork for this. That alone would get into my top 10.

Track 7google is top of the brandz and still has humour | I personally like this because it has an undiscovered humour gem in it. A nice touch alongside the serious stuff. I also like to plop these on the blog to both share these reports and also so I know where the hell they might be when I need them.

Track 8a product of free will | because this is probably the start of my confessional writing phase of what I really think across a whole piece rather than a quick quip. I still think the campaign sucks.

Track 9socially irresponsible advertising part 3 and part 3a | a double a-side you might call this for those who remember records. I’d found a few examples which made me chortle but this kind of hits you between the eyes. I was brave enough to sign up (I did have fear of being junk emailed for ever) and the response was just supreme. I love it. I hope they get voted in.

Track 10spam the monkey show | episode 3 | Because Spam the Monkey is a splendid relief from everything else and I don’t care if nobody else enjoys it (other than Susan – Spam’s mum/mom in Boston). And the Star Wars mash up just had me ROFL for hours.

So there it is. Enjoy.

I’ll make the hospital pass to Emmel, Vincent Thome and my new discovery, sacrum. Pass it on chaps.

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1. Philippe - June 7, 2007

Great pic and great picks

I love your socially irresponsible advertising series

2. nicholas gill - June 8, 2007

Thanks Philippe and also for nominating me. There’s a new part on those ads just posted today & one from Belgium!

3. Vincent - June 10, 2007

It’s good to go back in archives. I pass it on too and indeed your picture is great!!

4. nicholas gill - June 11, 2007

Thanks Vincent, look forward to seeing your greatest hits! I secretly enjoyed it.

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