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oh dear June 5, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in brand, sport, thoughts, user generated content.


London 2012 needs to be more “street and appeal to the kidz and be all yoof and things.  This monstrosity doesn’t really say Olympic Games for me. The Olympics is once every four years, a celebration of the peak of human athleticism, something that participants have spent their entire life leading up to. The biggest global sporting event – it even beats the World Cup. The eyes of the world will be on London. And they will be scorched by this electro-pop thing.

Trends are transient, good design is not. 80’s revival is transient, staging the world’s biggest event in 5 years is not. But hey, we need to get down wid da kidz in da hoodies who is not feelin eet. So we throw out all common sense about celebrating national culture (exc. Big Brother), landmarks, history, sporting achievement and effort. And come up with a a few graffiti type things, paint them in bright colours (coz kidz like it bright coz they spend som much time on myspace dat der eyes is fooked) and untidily slap in the word “london” in all lower case (coz dat is book [cool on txt] – ok, i have all l/c in my titles but this is my bloggy thing) and the rings on another part. Disjointed, misguided, garish, back of fag packet, or crap? Not many folk like it it seems. It  would be more at home on an unmemorable band from the 80’s album cover.

Here’s my beef rather than my rant. They want to appeal to a new, younger generation whose connection with the Olympics is limited. Then why not involve them? Let them BE THE CONTENT? Let them shape it, be part of it, be engaged with it and let them have control in the future size and shape?  Open up the design to art students in London (a hot bed of creativity – anyone knows that) and let people choose?

Oh no, then the grand committee wouldn’t get their say.  Lets just do it the old fashioned way and spunk the best part of half a million quid. A glorious opportunity lost. Come on Seb.

A final word on this, surely all great sporting events have to have a mascot? As a child on holiday in Spain in 1981 before the World Cup (where Keegan missed a sitter!!!), this little orange fella was all over the shop. I bought a towel with him on and it stayed with me all my years until it fell apart at university. As crap as he is, how the hell do you create a mascot out that 2012 thing???



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