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we have no culture left in britain June 4, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in thoughts.

fake ziggyziggy

Big Brother started again last week. And it kicked off with 11 women in the house. And then a bloke arrived on Friday, Ziggy. Cue hysterical yelping and squealing from the female inmates who had been deprived of male company for all of two and a bit days. Although Big Brother has shown us in glorious Technicolour the demise of British standards and eloquence in recent years, the nail in the coffin for me was Ziggy’s arrival.

An unsual name, I was secrely hoping for some witty repartee from the ladies when he introduced himself. Some possible gems could include, “and where are the rest of the spiders?”, “have you been having moonage daydreams?”, “I’d like to be your Lady Stardust” etc.

Alas, the high-pitched squealed response on the reveal of his name was a crushing: “zigga zig aah!”

WTF??? A crappy Spice Girls lyric has wiped out the legacy of the genius that is Bowie! Over 40 years of influential musical and cultural shifting genius displaced by five idiots who can’t sing! Am I alone in being terribly upset by this decline in British culture? Or do the kids of today not give a monkeys and just care about being on the arm of the next David Beckham because, in the words of one of the insane inmates (as far as I can remember), “I want to be a WAG [wife and/or girlfriend of a footballer] because they get to wear really nice clothes and go the best places.” This is what happens when the Government tell you that you can no longer thrash some sense into your kids. Or something like that. Here’s a Times article on the fame culture. Get a job!



1. mika - June 5, 2007

of course there is no culture in britain. You only drink bear.

2. bluurb - June 5, 2007

LOL. Harsh words, Mika, that cut to the heart of an Englishman. Try proper beer such as Old Thumper or FortyNiner from http://www.ringwoodbrewery.co.uk/ & it might change your mind…

3. Hoteles España - August 20, 2008

Britai still has culture, just it seems to be waining….

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