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take a look at my post bag May 29, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in direct mail, integration, thoughts.

post bag

After sharing the heroic direct mail deeds of Shane Warne, here’s some more mail from my post bag over the last couple of weeks in a kind of dm review type thing.

DMA (Direct Marketing association) – those who remember will know that I have an alter ego in the shape of Ms Nicholas Gill. I have sent it back twice with amendments correctly marked up. They managed to correct the Nicola but my gender is still suspect. If they can’t get my title correct then the round file awaits (professional terminology there, folks). I have no idea what was in it, perhaps an invite to a door drop seminar?

HSBC bank – normally HSBC don’t tend to send my inserts/stuffers/crap with my statement but this time they do. Pleading with me to save the planet by opting for online statements. For every one who signs up to go paperless, they will plant a virtual tree. For every 20, they will plant a real tree. So far 123,000 have signed up and that means 6,000 trees. Two things wrong with this: 1) why does the bloody URL hsbc.co.uk/thevirtualforest go to HSBC homepage and make me click again (aaaargh) and 2) isn’t this the bank who made gazillions of profits last year? Couldn’t they fore-go the champers and caviar at the annual results this year and plant a real tree for every switcher?

Land Rover Discovery 3“oh yes” I think as the shiny metal CD-shaped case arrives clinking on the doormat. “Oh bugger ” I say out loud as it takes me an age to open the damn thing up (approx 1 minute). “Oh” I say in a deflated manner as I realise that despite the integration with the new (very nice) ATL campaign about film-makers using the motor as their most stable and trusted moving tripod, there is no actual footage on a cd in the pack. The metal casing is even embossed/debossed (I can never remember) with old-fashioned style film casing design. Surely a trick missed considering the miniscule cost of cd’s these days and the high likelihood of getting some good video? Sad, I discard the Discovery.

Volvo XC-90 – I always remember from my DM days a key KPI being “How many opened the piece?” The plastic outer was so hard to open I gave up.



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