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bag full of accessories May 29, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blackberry, futurology, gaming, integration, mobile, skype, thoughts.


I just read a Forrester report on how Sony & BT have teamed up for a project to make the PSP a true communications device. Intended to be targeted at the millenials (those born after 1980 and thus deprived of an education in Bowie) who will naturally gravitate from wireless gaming to using the PSP to IM, surf etc. While I desperately want a PSP for no other reason than “just because”, the article lets slips something that is beginning to really piss me off. You’re likely to need a whole bundle of accessories to make it work properly. Text input? PlayStation thumb may be one thing but box, circle, triangle and X don’t necessarily translate to QWERTY to make IM a true possibility. So the next generations will either need a stylus (yuk) and input screen or a plug in key pad. And to become a video calling device so you can Skype and play, another webcam accessory. And a microphone, and another battery, and more memory disks. I’m not so sure. The beauty of the PSP is that it allows you to play high quality games wherever, whenever. Buy a better phone if you want to do all that other stuff on the move, surely? I have enough crap to lug around with me all day anyway. A blackberry (and lead and charger), a mobile (and charger), a laptop (and charger) an iPod (I ditched the lumpy for a shuffle), a usb stick or two, and an european plug adapter so I don’t forget when I fly. If only the batteries lasted longer in all these and all adapters were the same for everything. Maybe I’m just getting old?

Anyway, here’s a nice promo spot about the PSP, splendid production. I can’t remember where I found out/who gave me the link.



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