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keeping the old ticker going | we did it May 10, 2007

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Thanks to all the kind people who sponsored me and Jude, we have raised £562 for the British Heart Foundation! We did the sponsored walk last night – all 6k of it. We walked because Jude’s knees are not so good (long story) which is ironic considering the battering mine took on a weekly basis when I played football as a younger, fitter thing. Amusingly the group warm up was a mini aerobics session. I didn’t feel self-conscious at all. Ahem. Anyhow, we did it in just a tad over 45 mins and got clapped over the line and presented with our medals (above). But what’s really important is that the money raised (plus the gift aid!) will go to help the hundreds of thousands who are affected by heart disease every year.

A HUGE THANK YOU once again & it’s not too late to sponsor me.

Here’s what the BHF say about what they do with the money raised:

Question: So what do you do that’s so important – and what difference does it make?

Tough questions

Answer: We are the nation’s heart charity. Every year we save thousands of lives through our pioneering research, by providing vital information that helps people reduce their own heart health risk and by supporting and caring for heart patients.

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2006 alone:

  • BHF Heart Nurses helped and supported around 50,000 heart patients
  • our Heart information Line took around 13,000 calls
  • with our backing, over 200,000 people learned Emergency Life Support Skills
  • on average, we sent out around 7,000 Heart Information booklets every day, to help people look after their own hearts and help heart patients understand and cope with their illness.

Just about every heart treatment doctors and patients take for granted today has come from BHF-funded research. Currently, we fund 28 BHF Professors and over 1,200 research projects.

And through our research, information and care, we will have helped almost every one of the 2.6 million heart patients in the UK.



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