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a tale of two pieces of direct mail May 9, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in brand, content, cricket, direct mail, sport.

I don’t get that much direct mail these days so I do genuinely get excited by nice pieces of work. Not that too many have come through my postbox of late. But in the last couple of weeks, two contrasting bits of mail did arrive. Both personalised postcards so they should get to the point quickly and be inexpensive to produce and therefore have a higher return.  Let’s take a look:

Hampshire Cricket Club – Warney needs me!

warney front

warney reverse

A5 size digitally printed postcard with my name being called out by the spinner from the gods. Spin it over (nice!) and good personalisation (I have indeed been to the Rose Bowl before), straight to the point with the invite to join as a member, substantiation of why with new players (and my, Stuart Clark was quick the other day) and the genuine desire of the blonde-haired one to win something. And a clear call to action with not 1 but 3 different ways to respond: web, call or fill in the app form they sent me in November. And a cheeky little cross promotion for those old geezers, The Who. Simple, effective and  I may well have gone for it but most cricket is played in the week so I’ll either have to win the lottery or retire early to make full use of membership.

The Times – offering someone else a week of papers for £2


As simple, clear and effective as the HCC postcard was, this fails at the first ball of the day. They too have “done a Harmy” as our Australian cousins now refer to it by getting my fucking name wrong! I think I’m fairly in touch my feminine side but I haven’t gone as far as becoming Ms Nicola Gill. I suspect they bought this crap data from the same place as the DMA (Direct Marketing Association for those who don’t know/care) of all people who also addressed something to me using my alter ego. Great advert for the direct profession there chaps! Needless to say I won’t be taking the Times up on their offer which sounds simple enough on the front till you get to the back and you’re swamped with numbers like £109 saving for 24 weeks at £48 or £218 saving for 48 weeks at £96 and get £20 national book token (glam) or £20 thresher voucher (slurp) and £8 discount for direct debit. Fuck me I’m all numbered out. Make it simple chaps and get my name right and I might reconsider. And why 48 weeks? Do I get to choose the 4 weeks a year I don’t want it when I’m on hols?



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