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spam the monkey show | episode 1 May 4, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in spam the monkey.

 spam with old thumper

In an effort to cheer me after recent events, my friends Sue and Sharon sent over the star of last November’s Digitas Strategy Boot Camp, Spam the Monkey. As you may remember in an earlier post, Spam was there as a diversionary tactic in case of any awkward questions. He’s since gained legendary status, albeit within the confines of Team 2. And when he was pushed, squeeling through my letter box, I figured Spam should learn a thing or two about England.

This is the first episode of The Spam the Monkey Show. There may be more, there may not.



1. SuperiorPerformance, Cheap - May 10, 2007

Dear Spam,

It looks like you are making yourself right at home in the UK and have made lots of friends. Always remember your roots, OK? Football is played with an oddly shaped brown leather ball and chips don’t count as veggies.

Go Team 2!

2. Brendan - June 28, 2007

Hey Spam! Good to see you’re doing so well 🙂 I miss you.

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