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does ebay work? April 26, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in thoughts.


Apparently you can sell anything on eBay. I’ve always been a little skeptical. Call me a slow starter but I decided I would finally try it out. We’re tidying our spare room at home and decided rather than use our traditional route of charity shop/tip/bin, we’d have a bash at flogging it on eBay. Here’s my stuff, slap in a bid if you like. Go on, prove me wrong. Or the charity boxes near Tesco will get another top up by next weekend. Stuff includes PS2 games, some books, some headphones (pukka Sennheiser ones), an old knackered 40GB iPod for spares/repair and some unwanted cufflink sets.


1. Adeel Chowdhry - May 13, 2007

As I always tell everybody around me, eBay works especially if you have the secret of the trade. I use my tool to earn serious money.

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