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tread lightly & plan a | earth day April 23, 2007

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tread lightly

Yesterday was Earth Day. I’ll try & plop a few posts out today on some green things. Two companies have stuck out recently with some big green messages and commitments.

First, Eurostar with their new Tread Lightly initiative. Eurostar has made a commitment to reduce emissions by 25%. As a train operator, surely they’re in a better place to go further? Anyway, they list 10 key commitments one of which is to switch all marketing to either mobile or web based and shift away from paper – a significant issue for the direct mail industry? They are also proposing to move to mobile ticketing which will be interesting to keep an eye on. But why wait till November when they move to St Pancras. Surely being at Waterloo doesn’t stop them doing stuff now?

Second, M&S. Been meaning to talk about this for a while as they’ve mad a big splash with their Plan A campaign – because there is no Plan B. A bit simpler than Eurostar as they have 5 key commitments but these are already happening with their new carrier bags in store. They also have progress trackers and you can invest your money with them ethically now too, something which the Co-Op and Smile have been doing for yonks anyway. Not sure why they haven’t got a big highlight on this on their homepage though?



1. Asher Heimermann - April 23, 2007

I dont think people care.

Asher Heimermann

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