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a slagroom for 50 euro cents? March 24, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in language, pan european, thoughts, travel.

As Dr. Evil says in Goldmember, “I don’t speak freaky, deaky Dutch.” But I think I may have to as I’m quite regularly there on business and have to stop myself going into schoolboy hysterics with some words.

Take these 2 examples:

On a menu, you can get a slagroom for half a Euro! Wow, we knew the Netherlands was a tolerant place but didn’t realise it was cheap too. It turns out that slagroom is whipped cream. I still find this funny.

slagroomwhipped cream

And Fortis bank appear to be abusing me on the way from the arrivals section to the hall at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam.


And the Danes are no better as this “antique” shop in Copenhagen shows. We Europeans are clearly deviants.

copenhagen - spunk & co

Dank u wel.



1. Ash - April 9, 2007

I was in Belgium in 2006 and also came across slagroom in a cafe. I took photos of the menu too.
Flemish is a great language.

2. Rip Yrdikoff - July 19, 2012


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