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i still hate BA March 23, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in thoughts, travel.


I don’t enjoy travelling with BA ever since I went to Italy on holiday and had to sit in the most filthy cabin I’ve ever experienced. What’s more, the cabin crew were the most surly bunch of gets I had ever come across. Since then I’ve tried to avoid them wherever possible. And I was reminded why today.

At Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, my colleague wanted to spend the 30 mins or so before flying in the Exec Lounge. I went along as we needed to finish up some work. Upon presenting her Gold card and requesting guest access for me, the lady behind the counter was incredibly off hand and rude when saying that if I wasn’t flying BA I couldn’t come in, no matter if my colleague had a Gold card. Oh and by the way the lounge was already very busy, said in the most arrogant and condescending manner possible. Probably because I had a FlyBE ticket which is clearly only for second class citizens who don’t deserve to be seen in the lounge.

Cracking piss poor customer service. To a gold card customer! Just re-iterates my belief that BA are arrogant and over-priced. I flew for approx £200 less than my colleague, won’t be offered an over-priced roll and bad coffee and will get to an airport 10 minutes from my home.

And I can still check in on-line, have a fast bag drop and have a nice, spacious, comfy seat. And FlyBE have plane’s called Matt Le Tissier and George Best. I think I flew on George on the windiest day ever a month or so back as I ended up being bounced around the cabin and had to resort to using the sick bag for the first time ever. Coincidence?



1. Patrick - April 2, 2008

I agree that BA are the worst of the so called “quality” carriers. Twice in the last month they have lost my luggage on business trips when flying business class and being one of their so called One World Emerald Frequent Flyers – which they don’t seem to take seriously.

I have been told bare faced lies by BA check in staff regarding the need to check in on the ridiculous self service machines (can anyone tell me the point of these as one still has to line up and have your luggage processed in – only to be lost). I was told it is mandatory and BA policy to use the machines to check in.

Contrast this to no information at all when flying from Edinburgh to Frankfurt during foggy weather in Heathrow. No mention of delays at the check in desk, but suddenly when we arrived at the lounge we were told that there would be a delay – it turned out to be a total of 8 hours of delay. 1 hour in Edinburgh and 7 hours in Heathrow
(during which they failed to transfer our bags from one plane in Terminal 1 to another plane in Terminal 1). We eventually arrived with no luggage in Frankfurt Airport at 2.00am. My meeting was at 8.00am

Why noy simply tell me at check in? I could then decide whether I wanted to fly the BA route or invest in another ticket to get to my meeting – the purpose of my trip – avoiding Heathrow and get a refund from BA or even just forfeit the BA ticket since my business is more important than flying on BA!

If this is how BA treats One world frequent flyers, what hope for those who only fly for holidays or on occasional business with no frequent flyer status.

We were then asked to send our claims for reimbursement for expenses to an agent in Hong Kong (where we live) so we did that. Now I get an e-mail from someone in Sudbury saying I have to send this information to them for them to process. Clearly clueless about their own processes.

I have decided to try and avoid BA and Heathrow from now on and I would urge others to do them same. There is choice out there and I intend to fly through other european hubs from now on, even it it takes me a few hours more.

2. Gary Sturdy - May 7, 2008

I am a very frequent flyer and have flown anything from 1st class to EasyJet. I just have to get there quickly with my tools. On my most recent flight to Tel Aviv with BA i was told that i had to pay 75 pounds because i had a tool box and a bag with my clothes in despite having a 2pc luggage allowance. Apparently my 2pc allowance was an error (not an error by me) and i only had a 1pc luggage allowance. Total weight of box and bag less than 20kg. EasyJet charge 10 pounds for an extra bag. I had already paid nearly 700 pounds for the flight. This is my job and i need my tools or what is the point of flying. Try to complain to BA not a hope. I promise this is going to cost BA a lot more than 75 pounds. And they are arrogant, false, expensive, rude snobs. Why do they have to wear so much make up. OK EasyJet are not the best but they are cheap and the staff are fun.

3. mBuck - June 17, 2009

I am a new BA hater. I mistakenly misread the departure date on an 11:55pm flight and was a no show. My total itinerary was for 9 separate flights, from HK to Northern Sweden, onward to Boston, then back to HK, over a time span of 8 weeks. BA told me that I had to forfeit the entire itinerary, including the flights 2 months away! I had to rebook the exact same flights (and probably the same seats) for full fare, and BA refused to offer me any compensation. One leg of the flight was on Scandinavian airways, with the same constraints, but they allowed me to make use of the return flight with no penalty, and when I explained that to BA, they said sorry their hands were tied. The agent even refused to allow me to talk to her manager, saying that the manager did not want to discuss this with me as the decision was final.

I will go to great lengths and expense from now on to never fly BA again. They have enough of my money, and if they go belly up this year as the economic predictions say they will, I say ‘good riddance’.

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