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showing off your shelf? March 18, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blog, books, content, integration, user generated content, web 2.0.

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I should have got this in during my million things post so alas I’ll be slightly out of synch. Anyhoo, Penguin have decided to get on the user generated content bandwagon and have created a book – of sorts – online using many, many contributors. A quick glance through the chapters confused my tired eyes the other night and it hardly looked compelling. Still, given the rare luxury of a spare hour I might be surprised. Guff or great? Make your own mind up here.

Continuing the book theme, you can now get your own virtual bookshelf to talk about, discover new things and show off your shelf. Can’t help thinking that Amazon have a better way of talking and discovering all things book-ish and not quite sure how exciting showing off one’s shelf would be?

But this is a double winner: a collection of 100 short humorous pieces from the UK blogosphere with all profits going to Comic Relief. Not only is this reversing the trend of offline going online but it’s also circumventing the mad and dangerous world of publishing by using Lulu where any fool with an idea can sell their book. Every digital marketer worth their salt should have a copy of this along with the pioneers of blogs to books: girl with a one track mind and belle de jour.

Right, I’m off to watch 24.


1. sulz - March 18, 2007

there are plenty of such websites around. the most popular is librarything; others are reader2, shelfari, allconsuming.net, gurulib, delicious library and bookpedia. you may want to have a look at these sites because some have really better layout and features.


2. imani - March 19, 2007

As far as virtual library shelves go, the best one out there is Library Thing and it’s certainly better than Amazon at talking and discovering things “book-ish”, imo.

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