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line and length, son March 14, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in blackberry, blog, content, cricket, integration, podcast, TV, web 2.0.

The next 6 or so weeks will give (almost) everyday a special lift, spin or thwack. The cricket world cup started yesterday – I ignore the opening ceremonies for fear of being bored away from any tournament by Barry Davies or his commentator fraternity suddenly extolling the virtues of jamborees, traditional dances and ridiculous tightrope walking atop fantastically awful “national” and “historical” costumes and themes. Give it up. Get on with the show!

And the show started last night. And the home team won! This is great for the tournament as the west indies have been a bit shit of late and it would be great to see some swashbuckling batting and rib-shattering fast bowling from them again.

Of course my wedge (metaphorically as always) is on England (as i always hope… One day…).

In a slightly skewed way toward my profession, I’ll be trying to assess the relative digital merits of my good friends Sky Sports, The Times and BBC as the tournament progresses. Looking at the fairly large but somewhat uninspired content of their pullout yesterday, the times is looking forward to bombarding me with podcasts, live updates, blogs etc. Sky is my natural home for over by over commentary as they add some subtle humour. And please lord let bumble have a daily column! As for the beeb, well old auntie has dropped in my rankings already. I just don’t go there for sport as my mind has shifted to sky over the past few years. TV driving online usage? I am a statistic.

Unlike the ashes which all took place while we were snoozing and led us into a constant state of depression and occasional sense of hope when we awoke, the world cup will play out from lunch to the 10 o’clock news (ish). So I can check in at work, attempt to muddle my way to getting the scores on my blackberry on the way home and keep flicking to sky sports 1/2 when I get home.

And most of all I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of David Gower’s seaside lair in barbados. Now that’s my £37 a month well spent!



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